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Blockchain, OutSystems and BPM, Part 2: Business Network Event Handling

Reading time: 2 minutes.

After having Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer up and running, we’re interested in the integration with OutSystems, more specifically with Business Processes running in OutSystems.

Blockchain is going to be critical for the processes in the future, not only because it can bring big gains in efficiency with the simplification of the business networks (removing mans in the middle, for example). It will create the ability to track each step of common processes used by the ecosystem, so that parties can understand and track how data flows.

While blockchain will act as the backbone of a shared process, the participants still have their own private processes in the end.

Those private processes can interact with the business network for multiple reasons:

  1. Execute blockchain transactions using automatic activities
  2. Update blockchain assets or participants on activity or process completion
  3. Replicate data from the blockchain for offline usage
  4. Update process data on blockchain network event
  5. Create a process instance on blockchain network event
  6. Complete an activity or process on blockchain network event

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