Learning from the OutSystems Forum Series


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I started to learn how to program computers when I was 15 years old, with good old Pascal at secondary school. With a bachelor and master degrees in Computer Science and 18  years of professional experience, at 38, about one month ago, I’ve quitted my solid and stable job to dedicate myself to a new professional challenge along two big axis: Business Process Management (BPM) solutions and OutSystems.

With 10 years of work in the field of BPM, experience with JavaEE, Ruby On Rails and Android, one of the biggest challenge is, without doubt, around this fantastic and exciting “new” technology.

OutSystems has much of the concepts of normal technological stacks, but still, is a big and broad platform and, event after long hours of training and certification, I still have a lot to learn to be an expert and feel comfortable with any challenge that will come in the near future.

“How can I speed up the learning process?” was the thought in my head during some weeks, until I had this idea: what if I dedicate a relevant part of my time to support?

I saw this technique work with some young trainees I had in the past, when I needed them to learn something deeply in a short period of time.

Being occupied during the day with my OutSystems project, I planned to dedicate some time early in the morning and in the end of the day to answer the biggest number of questions I could from the OutSystems Community forums, even to the ones that I know nothing about, forcing me to try new things and learn more about the platform, outside the needs that I have for my current project. Additionally I can get to help people. Decision closed.

After a week of practice, I did around 38 replies and learned a lot, so I decided to start a blog post series titled “Learning from the OutSystems forums”, with a resume of the week.

The topics I tried to help were (without any special order):

Server Actions - Regex_Search function from the Text forge component

Server Actions - Login attempts mechanism

Widgets - Select2 data sources

Forge component - Barcode reader

Forge component - Excel package

Forge component - Elasticsearch

Mobile apps - Card reader integration

Mobile apps - Swipe down pattern to refresh data

Mobile apps - StackedCards widget

Mobile apps - Screen scroll positioning

BPT - Mobile taskbox

BPT - Start activities on update actions

BPT - How to kill a process instance?

DevOps - Enterprise installation

SilkUI - Menu item creation

SilkUI - Themes

SilkUI - CSS template modifications

For sure an exciting week!

I also learned a lot from watching the MVPs - one really have to admire these girls/guys for their dedication and deep knowledge. I tried to help for a full week - they’ve been doing it for years - what a great work!

Photo by Rita Morais on Unsplash